Nutritional Sciences

This concentration provides a strong specialization in nutritional sciences. Supporting courses emphasize the physical and biological sciences but include the social sciences and humanities as well. Considerably less emphasis is placed on food science and management than in the dietetics concentration.

The nutritional sciences concentration is designed particularly to prepare a student for a graduate program and also serves as the basis for a premedical program. Students following the nutritional sciences concentration who wish to apply for dietetic internships and become Registered Dietitians are advised to take MGT 305, FSHN 392, SDCM 200, FSHN 310, FSHN 311, FSHN 386, as elective courses. This will qualify them to apply for internships in dietetics.

The nutritional sciences concentration does not provide as great a variety of job opportunities at the B.S. level without additional training as does the dietetics concentration. Graduates in this concentration need to be prepared to apply for either graduate study or medical or dental school. It is particularly important to maintain a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.2 or better (3.6 for medical and dental school) in these concentrations. Students who are not able to accomplish this are advised to follow the nutrition and fitness concentration in order to prepare themselves for a broader range of job possibilities.

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