B.S. in Hospitality Management


CSU’s Hospitality Management students have a reputation in the industry for understanding and delivering great customer service, working hard, and achieving company goals and objectives. Here are few testimonials from some of our alumni and industry partners.

"It is because of the personal experiences I have had with students in the CSU Hospitality Management Program that I can say with confidence that the program is producing well-rounded and well-educated individuals. The hospitality field is very demanding, both physically and mentally. I see firsthand the skills set these students possess"

Christine O’Donnell, President/CEO, Colorado Hotel and Lodging Association

"Before the class, Dr. Franz educated me about the program and the student-run restaurant. It is an incredible concept where students are getting firsthand knowledge and experience on how to run a business in the hospitality industry. The way Dr. Franz conducted his class was real world and in a way that really related to students. Its programs like Dr Franz’s that prepare these young students how to make it in the industry and really provide the tools they need to be successful."

Diane Kinney, Joint Venture Partner, Outback Steakhouse

"The Hospitality Management Program is a great program that really helps its students in being prepared to enter the workforce with great knowledge and the ability to enter into leadership roles. I am the owner of Taps Sports Br and Grill here in Fort Collins. I am a graduate of the HM program myself and have to give thanks to all the teachers in the program.
I have also hired students from the HM program which has proven to be a great decision. These students know how to talk to guests, manage time, manage food and liquor costs, as well as manage other employees. They have the knowledge and passion for their jobs and the industry."

Mark Spring, Proprietor, Taps Sports Bar and Grille – Alumni.

"I would like to relay a particularly impressive success story We hired Bryce Norbloom (HM Student) as a dishwasher/prep cook. He was quickly promoted and became proficient at all positions in the restaurant. After graduating he came on full time with Snooze, and he is now our traveling Chef (a coveted position). He recently opened our newest Snooze in Del Mar, California with great success and will be opening Scottsdale, Arizona in November!"

Debra Ryan, Partner/General Manager, Snooze Restaurants