B.S. in Hospitality Management

Meet the Faculty

Jeff Miller

Dr. Jeffrey P. Miller, PhD, CEC, CCE

Associate Professor
Program Coordinator Hospitality Management
214C Gifford Building
(970) 491-6705

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Dr Miller is an Associate Professor and Program Coordinator in the Hospitality Management program. He is a Certified Executive Chef and Certified Culinary Educator and was a food service management professional for 20 years before becoming a hospitality instructor in 1996. “Chef” as he is often called, was the program director for the Culinary Arts/Foodservice Management program at Utah State University prior to coming to Colorado State University. His academic areas of emphasis are food studies, alcohol beverage management, and research methods. He is a certified Alcohol ServSafe instructor and is a past-president of the Association for the Study of Food and Society.

Dr Miller started out in the industry as a hamburger cook and cashier at Hardee’s Restaurants in Wichita, Kansas making $2.85 an hour. Before he left the industry to become a college professor, he was the Executive Chef for CFK Restaurant Group in Lawrence, Kansas in their White Tablecloth segment.

Soo Kang

Dr. Soo Kang, PhD, CHE

Associate Professor
214E Gifford Building
(970) 491-0293

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Dr Kang is an Associate Professor and her main research area is consumer behaviors in the hospitality and tourism. She teaches resort and lodging coursework, as well as the senior capstone course in Hospitality Management. This is when the graduating seniors host the bi-annual, Industry Appreciation Event where they plan, organize, staff, direct, budget, and execute a highly-rated professional networking event with hospitality and tourism professionals from the region. She is a faculty advisor to the Student Chapter of the Colorado Hotel and Lodging Association and has earned the prestigious Certified Hospitality Educator from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute.

While attending a college, she worked as a catering and banquet server at Local Hotel in South Korea. When left the industry, she was an Assistant Guest Service Manager at Walt Disney Hotel, All Star Resort. She supervised all the guest service related issues such as selling theme park tickets, making dining/sales reservations, and managing the front desk. She was also involved in complaint management and VIP management.

Bill Franz

Dr. Bill Franz, PhD, PHR, MBA

Assistant Professor
214D Gifford Building
(970) 491-3890

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Dr. Franz is an Assistant Professor in the Hospitality Management program. During his 20 years in the restaurant industry he moved from operations management into corporate training and development, human resources, and national and international consulting to the hospitality industry. Bill joined the Hospitality Management program in 2000 and has been instrumental in the development of the Internship and Practicum programs, and acts as internal consultant with his CSU colleagues regarding the design and instruction of on-line curriculum within the department. Bill divides his time between classroom instruction, student mentoring, internship coordinator, I.T. activities, Program Review and Assessment, and restaurant operations and instruction at the Aspen Grille. Bill’s academic interests are in HRD, systems and operations management.

Bills first job in hospitality was washing pizza pie tins for $2.00 an hour at a Pizza Hut while in school. During his last two years in industry, he was a Regional Training Manger overseeing the training and development of operations managers in over 80 full-service restaurants in 7 different states, and he was a Vice President of Human Resources/Training and Development for an international consulting business to the hospitality industry.

Eric Milholland

Dr. Eric Milholland, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor
214B Gifford Building
(970) 491-5127

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Eric Milholland, is an instructor and alumni of the Hospitality Management Program at Colorado State University. Eric graduated from CSU in 1997 with a BS in Psychology and a second major in Technical Communications. After working in the private industry for the next seven years in both management and logistics, he returned to Colorado State University to pursue a second BS in Hospitality Management. After graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2006, he began an interdisciplinary graduate program in Food Science and Human Nutrition and Education. During this time, he also served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and a special-appointment faculty member in the Hospitality Management program. After earning his Masters in 2010, he began work on a PhD in Education. His research interest is education technology, specifically classroom response systems. His areas of academic emphasis include food principles and application, foodservice production, restaurant operations, event planning, and hotel operations. Eric’s first job in hospitality was washing dishes at Denny's at the age of 19 for $3.25 an hour. As he moved through his career he worked for an organization that served as a resource for Native American Tribal Transportation. In this role, he created training materials, and helped organize their annual conferences for hundreds of attendees.

Josh Olson

Josh Olson

Restaurant Operations Instructor, Aspen Grille
(970) 491-7006

Ken Symsack

Ken Symsack

Kitchen Training Manager, Aspen Grille
(970) 491-7006