B.S. in Fermentation Science and Technology

Program Overview

Preservation of food products by fermentation has been part of culinary history long before the science, safety, and nutritional attributes of fermented food and beverages were fully understood. The availability and diversity of fermented products, including cheese, bread, yogurt, kefir, pickles, sauerkraut, meat, soy products, beer, and wine has increased in recent years and consumer interest in this area continues to grow. It is increasingly clear that fermented food products can favorably alter the microbiota within the human gut, which can impact the risk of developing chronic and inflammatory diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

The Fermentation Science and Technology major blends a strong interdisciplinary science background with selected courses focused on the science, safety, culinary, and nutritional attributes of fermented foods and beverages. Understanding the processes and learning the method involved with employing microorganisms in the commercial production of fermented food products requires a unique set of knowledge and skills.

This major prepares students for employment in divisions within the food and beverage industry including product development, processing, quality assurance and control, packaging and distribution, and plant management. Students enrolled in this major are encouraged to participate in industry activities to increase their understanding of processing methods and specific techniques used in all aspects of fermented food and beverage production. Click here to learn more about joining the FST program.

Quality Education from Passionate Educators

Colorado State University is known for its people. Passionate, hard-working, genuine people who care about those they work to serve. The FST program is taught by educators with years of experience in teaching, research, and extension. Click here to learn more about the faculty involved in the FST program.

A Program as Unique as the Industry Around Us

Cheese, bread, yogurt, pickles, sauerkraut, meat, soy products, beer, wine – and the list continues. Fermented foods and beverages are a significant economic driver in the state of Colorado. The industry’s long history is paired today with impressive growth. The FST program is designed to educate students on the industry’s breadth and diversity, from understanding yeast, bacteria, and potential health benefits, to producing high quality products, and navigating various markets.

Industry plays an unique, active and vital role in the education of our students. Whether it is guest lecturers in the classroom, hands-on fermentation work in the laboratory, or off-campus field trips or internships at one of our industry sites, learning is much more than a textbook and exams in the FST program. Click here to learn how you can help.