B.S. in Fermentation Science and Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why is CSU launching the Fermentation Science and Technology Program?
  • Fermentation science is no easy task; it requires a unique set of knowledge and skills. Colorado State University has created this new major to address the need for well-educated professionals who can thrive in this rapidly growing industry.
  • Growing research areas that explore the health benefits of fermented products and the microbiome (gut health).
  • Student interest and increasing public awareness regarding fermentation.
  • Industry need for well-educated professionals.
2. What is the timing of the FST program? When can I get this degree?
3. Where is the program housed?
4. How does the CSU program distinguish itself from other programs across the country?
5. Is it just beer?
6. What is fermentation?
7. Why are two "breweries" being built? Wouldn’t one suffice? What are the differences?
8. Can I buy the beer that is made? Where will it be served?
9. Are the breweries really going to be called the Gifford Pilot Research and Educational Brewery and the Student Center Microbrewery and Learning Lab?
10. I am in the fermentation industry, how do I get involved?
11. What type of careers are you preparing students for?
12. What if I have more questions?