Peer Mentor Program

Who We Are

  • The Food Science and Human Sciences (FSHN) Peer Mentor Program is comprised of upper-classmen students majoring in Nutrition and Food Science, Hospitality Management and Fermentation Science, who are dedicated to assisting new freshmen in the FSHN department with their academic transition into CSU during their first (fall) semester of freshman year.
  • Each Peer Mentor will have 3-5 new freshmen mentees, most of whom will have the same major as their mentor. Mentors will engage with their mentees around academics and campus involvement.

What We Do

  • Mentors meet every two weeks for study sessions with their mentees. There are a total of seven study sessions during the semester. This is directly tied to the FSHN 192 – First Year Seminar course for new freshmen in FSHN.
  • FSHN Peer Mentors will also actively promote clubs and organizations within the FSHN department, including: the Food and Fermentation Science Club, Hospitality Club, the Nutrition and Fitness Club and the FAN Club.
  • Our upper-classmen mentors have the opportunity to assist with course registration during Ram Orientation for First-Year Students and Ram Orientation for Transfer Students. Mentors will also provide support during the College Day portion of Ram Welcome.
  • View additional details about the study sessions.

What We Can Do for You

  • FSHN Peer Mentors may have the chance to help facilitate in FSHN 192 as an undergraduate TA, starting fall 2016. This would provide an excellent way to get in front of new students and help lead lecture times.
  • We are currently working to build in a framework for professional development opportunities for mentors in the FSHN Peer Mentor Program. More to come!
  • While not a paid position, the FSHN Peer Mentor Program does include a mini on-campus meal plan for mentors. Hey, who doesn’t love free food?!
  • Interested? Email: