M.S. in Food Science & Human Nutrition

GPIdea online master’s program designed for Registered Dietician Nutritionists

The GPIdea (Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance) program offers a fully online MS in Dietetics for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists working in the field. The program is offered through a partnership of 8 different Universities (Colorado State University, Kansas State University, Kansas University Medical Center, University of Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, South Dakota State and North Dakota State). The collaboration provides a rich offering of courses provided by expert faculty from each institution while earning a degree from CSU.

Programs of study are designed to allow students the flexibility to individualize coursework and research to their specialty, interests and career focus. The GPIdea program objectives are to:

  • Develop research skills, stimulate independent thought, and provide up-to-date knowledge in foods, nutrition, food service and business management.
  • Promote health and disease management through food and nutrition programs and make a difference in the lives of others by advancing the level of practice of registered dietitian nutritionists.

Required Courses:
FSHN 696C – Group Study Dietetics (1cr)
FSHN 501 – Research Methods (3cr)
Statistics (any) or EDRM 606 – Measurement Concepts (3cr)
FSHN 504 – Micronutrients (3cr)
FSHN 540 – Nutrigenomics and Advanced Lipid Metabolism (3cr)
FSHN 503 – Current Issues (3cr)
FSHN 698B – Research-Nutrition (6cr)

Electives (at least 3 courses from the following):
FSHN 505 – Nutrition and Physical Activity in Aging
FSHN 506 – Nutrition and Human Performance
FSHN 507 – Nutrition Education in the Community
FSHN 508 – International Nutrition and World Hunger
FSHN 509 – Nutrition Education and Counseling Methods
FSHN 510 – Pediatric Clinical Nutrition
FSHN 511 – Lifecycle Nutrition
FSHN 512 – Oncology Nutrition
FSHN 520 – Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy
FTEC 578 – Probiotics/Functional Foods
RRM 500 – Food and Culture

Free Electives (6 credits)
Choose from the above or other GPIdea courses including Nutritional Immunology, Grant Writing, Food and Nutrition Writing, Nutritional Epidemiology and others

Total: 37 credits