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President: Julie Koffler
Vice President: Daniel Gusmer
Social Media/Outreach Coordinator: Aaron Nonko
Treasurer: Melissa Poisson
Secretary: Benjamin Reidinger
Event Coordinator: Ben Buescher
Contact Info:8033 Campus Delivery,

The Fermentation Society at CSU is a great organization to join if you are in the Fermentation Science and Technology major, but we are open to all majors! We are a diverse group of people with unique backgrounds and hobbies, we get together to share our passions and interests. We believe we have a lot to learn from each other and a lot to learn about the industry. A majority of us are interested in brewing science but we love all things food and fermentation science! Our main focus is to craft our own food and beverages together, to check out local fermented food and beverage facilities, to hear from guest speakers in our industry, to attend conferences, and to develop meaningful professional relationships to benefit us with our individual career goals. We have mandatory monthly meetings and optional weekly meetings, which we strongly encourage. Sometimes we get together for events during breaks.

President: Sarah Otto
VP of Outreach: Chelsea Jones
VP of Professional Development: Emily Kearney
VP of Publicity: Mackenzie Burgess
Treasurer: Anika Schenkel
Secretary: Caitlin Carr
Contact info:
Facebook page:

The FAN (Food and Nutrition) Club is a CSU student service organization in the Dept. of Food Science & Human Nutrition, dedicated to promoting nutrition and health at Colorado State University and throughout Northern Colorado. As a club, we hope to provide students with nutrition-related opportunities in service/outreach, professional networking, student discussion, and more! This club is open to ALL majors (not just nutrition/dietetics) and to both undergraduate AND graduate students!

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The Hospitality Club offers you experience with planning events, leadership opportunities, resume building materials and networking skills. Our purpose is to provide all members with the chance to explore, network, gain industry insight and build relationships with faculty and peers. We will make site visits to restaurants, hotels and event venues and start building connections with industry members by talking with professionals. We will join professional organizations and attend conferences as well as be involved in the community by volunteering our time at various events. If you are interested please email us at:

President: Janie Jacoby
Chief Financial Officer: Jenae Curly
Vice President: Whitney Helton
Vice President of Research: Grace McKevitt
Chief Communications Officer: Adrian Jesse
Treasurer: Lauren Rhoades
Secretary: Colleen Wysocki
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Facebook page:

The purpose of the Holistic Health Alliance (HHA) is to present evidence-based information to increase knowledge and awareness of holistic health. Topics of discussion encompass nutrition as medicine, functional medicine, integrative medicine, and mind-body health. The HHA's mission is to promote a philosophy of health that considers the individual as a whole person, and strives to address the root causes of illness, not merely symptoms. HHA is dedicated to exploring a full range of healing modalities. Each semester we will have speakers, workshops, journal/research discussions, and community outreach. We welcome all majors, as well as both undergraduate and graduate students.