Research Laboratories

Fermentation Science and Technology Laboratory

Jeffrey Callaway, Director of Industry Outreach

Katie Fromuth, FMST Lab Manager

The Fermentation Science and Technology Laboratory will serve as a hands-on educational setting in which students will learn practical industry skills through curriculum labs, projects and service testing for fermentation industries. The New Belgium Fermentation Science and Technology Laboratory will also serve to benefit the students and industry through workshops and applied research.

The primary uses for the lab will be for FMST courses which will utilize the state-of-art brewing equipment that focuses on the science and technology used by the industry. Additional uses will include public and proprietary research, projects in association with ASBC and MBAA, industry workshops and continuous education, as well as a fee-for-service lab for the industry. The Anheuser-Busch Foundation Quality Laboratory will house instrumentation that is specific to the industry for real world training, research applications, and a fee-for-service laboratory.

Investigators will include Jeffrey Callaway, Katie Fromuth, instructors who will be using the lab for their courses and partners in the fermentation industry. Instructors include Tiffany Weir, Jack Avens, Martha Stone, and Marisa Bunning.

The lab was made possible by donations from New Belgium Brewing Company and Anheuser-Busch.

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