Outreach: Programs and Services

Food Processing Support Services

Subject Areas: Food Processing, Food Product Development, Sensory Analysis, Baked Products.

Telephone: (970) 491-3874

Email: CSUfoodlab@colostate.edu

Request Form: PDF format: CSU FOOD PROCESSING LABORATORY - Please contact the Food Processing Laboratory by email (above) prior to filling out this form.

Faculty Coordinator: Martha Stone


Available for problems solving to Colorado food industries and/or entrepreneurs by providing:

  • Consulting
  • Analytical Services
  • On-site Visits
  • Referral
Nutrient Analysis (Based on ingredients/formulation provided by client. $90 (per formula)
Initial pH screen
pH testing
(Based on values from 3 samples from 3 different batches)
$25 (per sample)
Water activity (Aw)
(3 samples from 3 different batches)
$95 ($35 per sample)
Color Assessment $50 (per sample)
Shelf-life Testing: To provide minimum/maximum shelf-life of product. (Client must provide 10 units/sample evaluation.) $35 (per week of testing)
Product Development Consultation $130 per hour

OTHER SERVICES: Fees negotiated based on client needs
  • Sensory analysis (trained or consumer panels)
  • Food safety issues
  • Altitude adjustments
  • Pilot plant facilities for baked products, extruded products (including pasta, meats)
  • Product development
  • Instrumental texture assessment
  • Clinical feeding trials
  • Student internship/practicum experiences