Faculty and Staff

Academic Faculty

Garry Auld, Ph.D.

Community and nutrition education programs; program evaluation (quantitative and qualitative); sustainable food system issues; interventions and assessments of limited resource audiences

105 Gifford Building
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Gary Auld
Susan Baker, Ed.D.
Professor/Extension Specialist EFNEP

Community nutrition education; breastfeeding promotion and support, food resource management, food security, limited resource families (EFNEP), pregnant adolescents.

102 Gifford Building
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Susan Baker
Laura Bellows, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.D.
Associate Professor

Nutrition education; public health nutrition; childhood obesity; early childhood audiences; health promotion and disease prevention; and physical activity.

107 Gifford Building
(970) 491-1305
Laura Bellows
Marisa Bunning, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Food Safety

Food safety communication; post-harvest produce safety and quality; consumer food handling behavior.

200B Gifford Building
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Marisa Bunning
Colleen Burke

310 Gifford Building
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Colleen Burke
Kimberly Cox-York, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Adipose tissue redistribution with age and menopause; reciprocal regulation of estrogen metabolism and host microbiota with respect to metabolic disease.

212 Gifford Building
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Kimberly Cox-York
Leslie Cunningham-Sabo, Ph.D., R.D
Associate Professor

Public health nutrition, food behavior change of children and adults through cooking, minority populations, community-based participatory research, translation of research to practice.

106 Gifford Building
(970) 491-6791
Leslie Cunningham-Sabo
Michelle T. Foster, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Adipose tissue regulation (metabolic and adipokine); diet-induced obesity and hepatic steatosis; visceral fatty acids and insulin resistance; adipose tissue removal-induced metabolic improvements.

207 Gifford Building
(970) 491-6189
Michelle Foster
Bill Franz, Ph.D., P.H.R.
Assistant Professor

Hospitality Management

214D Gifford Building
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Bill Franz
Christopher L. Gentile, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Dietary regulation of cardiovascular function. Mechanisms of diet-induced cardiovascular abnormalities.

208 Gifford Building
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Christopher Gentile
Mary Harris, Ph.D., R.D.

Lipid metabolism, omega-3 fatty acids in pregnancy and cognitive development. Clinical Nutrition: Diabetes and kidney disease.

231 Gifford Building
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Mary Harris
Sarah A. Johnson, PhD, RD
Assistant Professor

Functional foods, bioactive compounds, dietary supplements, and other dietary interventions that can effectively prevent and/or improve both established and emerging risk factors.

206 Gifford Building
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Sarah Johnson
Soo Kang, Ph.D. C.H.E.
Associate Professor

Hospitality marketing, consumer behavior

214E Gifford Building
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Soo Kang
Chris Melby, Dr. P.H.

Interaction of nutrition and exercise on features of the metabolic syndrome; energy balance and body weight regulation.

226 Gifford Building
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Chris Melby
Eric Milholland, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

214B Gifford Building
(970) 491-5127
Eric Milholland
Jeffrey Miller, Ph.D., C.E.C., C.C.E.
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator Hospitality Management

Food and identity; food and the human voice; heritage tourism; hospitality education; food service management; sustainable food initiatives.

214C Gifford Building
(970) 491-6705
Jeffrey Miller
Mike Pagliassotti, Ph.D.
Department Head, Professor and Lillian Fountain Smith Endowed Chair in Nutrition

Dietary nutrients, obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease; lipids and endoplasmic reticulum stress; fructose and hepatic insulin resistance.

234A Gifford Building
(970) 491-1390
Mike Pagliassotti
David Sampson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

International Nutrition

227 Gifford Building
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David Sampson
Martha Stone, Ph.D.

Food product development, cereal grains.

229 Gifford Building
(970) 491-6772
Martha Stone
Tiffany Weir, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Effects of dietary components on gut microflora composition, microbial metabolism of plant compounds, fermented foods, intestinal health, food safety

210 Gifford Building
(970) 491-4631
Tiffany Weir